Step 2: Take the Tahoe Keepers Quiz

Now that you've watched the video and learned how to self-inspect and decontaminate your watercraft and gear using the Clean, Drain, Dry and Dispose technique, you're ready to take the short quiz below. After you answer all ten questions correctly, you’ll have the opportunity to register as a Tahoe Keeper.

Registered Tahoe Keepers will receive a Proof of Training credential and Tahoe Keepers stickers to proudly display on their watercraft. Participation in the Tahoe Keeper program is free.


Quagga and zebra mussels are the only aquatic invasive species (AIS) threatening Tahoe's streams and lakes.


To clean your non-motorized watercraft thoroughly after every use, you must remove all dirt, plants, and other material from the rudder, hull, cockpit, and gear.


To drain the water from your non-motorized watercraft and gear, open all hatches or plugs, turn the watercraft upside down, and incline it on land for an adequate amount of time before you leave the immediate area.


The following watercraft can potentially transport AIS between waterbodies:


Any watercraft or gear coming from an infested waterbody should be Clean Drained and Dry for ____ to ensure aquatic invasive species are not living in wet or damp areas.


Inspection and decontamination for non-motorized watercraft are available at roadside watercraft inspection stations for ____.


All watercraft are subject to inspection for aquatic invasive species prior to launching in Tahoe's lakes or streams. Failure to comply with an inspector and/or launching a contaminated watercraft in Tahoe's lakes or streams will result in:


In cool environments, adult quagga mussels can survive out of water for approximately ____.


The best way to be sure you are not transporting AIS is to Clean, Drain, and Dry your watercraft after every use, and Dispose of any debris in trash containers or above the waterline where it can't be washed into a stream, river, or lake.


Which of the following species are NOT currently established in Lake Tahoe?